How the skinny bracelet is made

Here is the link: Knotted Leather Bracelet
I am delighted to show you the making process of my skinny leather bracelet.
While I am skilled at other areas, taking video is not my forte! The video was made in all modesty, no background music, no editing, and a little haste, because my girl, who sat behind me, was muting her favorite cartoon show so that I could record this video.
I prepared the materials upfront, which were: leather cord, findings, charm. The tools were: crimp plier, glue, scissors, bent-nose plier, measuring tape. Please note that this is not a tutorial, however, if you can learn something from it, I'm just happy for you.
So, next time you see this kind of item in my shop, you know how it came into being.
Thank you all.


Spring is in the air, New Necklaces

Flowers budding, tree sprouts new leaves, everywhere I see footsteps of spring. It's time to have some floral theme.
The necklaces below are created for a friend of mine. I hope you like them too.
(1) Double leather string with silver ornaments, intersected with droplets of fucshia bead.

(2) Prehnite necklace. A piece that will hang nicely atop a blouse or round shape collar.

(3) Camellia and Buttery Jade

A Gift to a Friend, Sterling Garnet Bracelet

I made this Infinity Bracelet a while before the Chinese New Year.
As per request, I use all sterling silver on this piece, excluding the nylon thread.
Now it has a new home.
The garnet stones I use has very tight hole, but I don't want to enlarge it cause I worry it may break the stone, so I spent quite a considerable amount of time stringing nylon thread through it.

Anyway, it turned out as I expected, I'm happy, and so does the receiver!


New Arrivals

Kami kembali menampilkan desain baru untuk penggemar hancrafted jewelry.
Perhiasan handmade bukan produksi massal, tak jarang karena suplai yang terbatas, beberapa desain tidak bisa diciptakan lagi, jadi jika melihat produk yang anda suka, janganlah ragu untuk memilih!
Desain dibawah bisa jadi ide hadiah yang tepat menjelang Valentine ini, dengan batu dan manik pilihan dan dikerjakan dengan perhatian pada detil.
Untuk pemesanan dan pertanyaan silakan SMS 0813.9868.6355, Ms. Hartati, atau tinggalkan pesan di hsarkawi@gmail.com, atau langsung tinggalkan komen dibawah.

Foto telah diperkecil dari ukuran original, untuk yang koneksi lambat, harap bersabar ya.
Dapatkan juga pilihan lain langsung di link ini: bynebeads.com

Anting double drops, dengan manik gelas ceko dan imported craft wire (gold and antique bronze)
IDR 39.600

Bracelet champagne drops, terbuat dari manik gelas ceko dipadukan dengan carved bamboo coral, dan dibingkai dengan antique bronze wire. Unik. Sophisticated.Vintage style.

IDR 76.300

Kalung rantai antique brass dengan komponen mutiara air tawar dan pearlized leaf beads, dan pendant fleur de lis. Nostalgic. Charming.

IDR 57.500

Kalung lucite emerald green pendant, dengan ornamen daun senada. Rantai terbuat dari stainless steel untuk pemakaian yang lebih awet.

IDR 52.500

Bracelet/anklet macrame, dengan tan linen cotton braid dan hiasan silver alloy. Ekor gelang bisa diperpanjang dan digunakan sebagai anklet. Modern ethnic style.

IDR 42.000

Water Rose bracelet. Mutiara air tawar warna burgundy yang anggun dirangkai dengan gold tone japan seed beads. Diberi aksen heart charm. Cocok untuk dipadu gaun cocktail atau pemakaian sehari-hari.

IDR 48.600

"Tea and coffee" bracelet. Terbuat dari batu olive jade dan tiger's eye dengan ornamen silver berbentuk biji kopi. Mata harimau atau tiger's eye dipercaya mempunyai kemampuan metafisik yang berkenaan dengan vitalitas. Olive jade secara umum diketahui meningkatkan ketenangan dan kedamaian bagi pemakainya.

IDR 75.800

Chinois bracelet. Keramik motif warna biru Ming, diuntai dengan tan cotton string dan dipadu dengan medium ring chain yang modern.

IDR 68.500


Bracelet, never had too much of it

When I started making jewelry, I made a lot of necklaces. Since I do housechores, I feel that bracelets would stand in my way, so I prefer wearing necklace. But then, it's hard to resist lovelies that you could actually see almost all the time wrapping your wrist. So I end up making more and more of them.
These are pieces that I strung and chained during the holidays. Enjoy!

(1) China Fusion with Bamboo Coral Rose

This is another fusion style that I made after this piece. Actually, I'm not quite sure how to name this style, I like it for the dual appearance it has. Half beaded and half chained. Ceramic beads are strung with linen/cotton cord, then a black rose made of bamboo coral is added for a mystic feel. The other halve is connected with round chunky silver-plated chain.

(2) Vintage Style Fresh Water Pearl Bracelet

This purplish bronze color of the pearls is enchanting by itself, so I decided to put other elements as minimal as possible to bring out the most of it.



Hi! Happy New Year to you all.

I welcome 2012 by creating simple yet charming pendant style necklaces. It's said that sometimes Less is More. How true.

(1) Purple Teardrop with Matryoshka Charm Necklace

Pendant under natural lighting. It is wrapped with silver plated wire to accentuate the handcrafted feel

Held against my wrist, the glass reflects lights beautifully, this is also what it will look like when resting against the neck

When lighted from the back, the glass will look transparent

(2) Lucite Heart Shape Pendant with Quill Charm and Leaves

Lucite bead as a focal point is adorned with two leaf beads and a quill charm

(3) Freeform Weave Prehnite Pendant

I always love irregular shapes of stones, they look organic. The one I use here is a date-shape prehnite ( a kind of mineral that resembles the flesh of white grapes). It is faceted, and I want it to look more "shabby", so I wrought around it a swirl of gold tinted wire. I've done it several times with different tone of wire and this is the one that I am most satisfied with.

Laid on my fingers

Attached to a dark brown genuine leather string, another option to metal chain


Another Artist

No, no, no. I'm not collaborating with anyone here. The other artist I mentioned is our pet, Toby the dog.

See, this past 30 days, last night included, he's been escaping three times. So he is well deserving the title, escape artist, that is.

Usually he will slip away unnoticed when the front door is not latched/locked. The first time he did this, I panicked. Panicking because I didn't know where on earth he would go (how could we find him?), or if he'd ever came back. He'd been a stray before we found him, so that justified his habit.

I remembered I was so relieved when I finally found him at our nearby park that first time. He just sat there under a tree, with his tight green hand-me-down t-shirt (he's a fat dog back then), looking back at me.
He came home last night smelled outright yucky and with bloated stomach. He had his bath right away. Hope he'll be alright.